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Crystal set of glasses

Crystal set of glasses

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A set of crystal glasses with balls - 4 pcs
You already know exactly who to give this set to. You will certainly think of a person with whom you like to have heart-to-heart conversations. When choosing a gift, you can focus on the hobbies and interests of your friend, brother, colleague and their personality.
This set is not just glasses, they have a special insert in the form of the coat of arms of Ukraine. It can be a symbolic gift for you or your friends who appreciate exclusive things.
This set can be given as a gift to people celebrating a birthday or celebrating another solemn event.   You can express your gratitude with words or choose a suitable gift. Its exquisite appearance will speak for itself. Our glass products have a special charm and retain the warmth of the hands of the craftsman who worked on them. Therefore, the recipient will feel the love with which the set was made and presented.

The set includes:

-4 glasses
-12 stones for cooling the drink
-4 bonfires
-High-quality branded gift box with paralon.

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